July 2019


A Message from the PresidentHolewa
Sally Holewa

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your president this past year. Thank you for this opportunity to serve an organization that I hold so close to my heart. Last year, in Newport, Rhode Island, I had the opportunity to tour the Redwood Library and Athenaeum. Proof of purchase for the tour is a button with their guiding principle, “Having Nothing in View but the Good of Mankind.” I frequently wear the button to work because I think it could easily be COSCA’s motto, too.

I wish to extend my gratitude to my fellow board members who have been so willing to offer their always unerring advice and support, and to Shelley Rockwell who does so much to keep everything organized and on time.
This summer we have had an abundance of opportunities to learn, network, and plan. A special thank you goes to those COSCA members who have agreed to host these events and to the hosts of our regional meetings. One of the truly beneficial aspects of so many opportunities is the chance to let our trial court judges and administrative directors lead new initiatives. While top-level support is often necessary to marshal resources and clear obstacles, the passion of a truly committed individual is what sways opinion.

I look forward to seeing you in Asheville later this month, and in Galveston in December, where we will continue our discussion on ways to make COSCA a more deliberative and inclusive organization.

Nebraska Hosts First-Ever National Pandemic Summit

Court leaders, public-health officials, legislators, and executive-branch officials from 25 states and territories participated in the National Pandemic Summit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, May 23-24, 2019. The university is home to the country’s largest biocontainment unit, which treated three Ebola patients in 2014. Nebraska Chief Justice Michael Heavican hosted the summit, which started a collective conversation on how states need to plan and prepare for a pandemic, including the legal issues posed by quarantines. The summit was funded through a grant from the State Justice Institute and staffed by the National Center for State Courts. Materials from the summit are available for download here.

National Child Welfare Summit Coming this Fall

State courts should start identifying teams to send to the National Judicial Leadership Summit IV on Child Welfare, September 24-25 in Minneapolis. This summit will build on past child-welfare summits. CCJ and COSCA are hosting the summit, in partnership with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), Casey Family Programs, the Children’s Bureau, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. For more information, contact Nora Sydow at NCSC.

Member Spotlight: Amy Quinlan, DelawareQuinlan

Why and how did you become a state court administrator?
I was promoted to state court administrator after serving as deputy state court administrator to the incomparable Pat Griffin. I had been in private practice for years and was looking for something “different” when I saw the deputy job posting. A wise woman once said “be careful what you wish for” because court administration is definitely different, and . . . exhausting, rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, and then some. I never looked back and am so blessed to have learned from the best. What do you like most and least about being a state court administrator? I am proud to serve with the men and women that dedicate their days to making our Delaware courts the best that they can be. I work with so many talented folks who work hard and like to have fun. You can’t beat that! Unfortunately, there is just too much to do. I wish we could compensate folks for their hard work and had the resources to staff things appropriately. It is not easy to do the important work we do without all the tools necessary. But, somehow, we make it work.

Tell us about your family.
The Quinlan household runs on girl power. Even the cats are female! I am fortunate to have three strong, kind, smart, and beautiful daughters, all of whom remind me daily of what is important. Adventurers all, my oldest is in graduate school across the pond at London Film School. My middle daughter will be a senior at Tulane University and is toying with the idea of law school. My youngest heads to Memphis, Tennessee in August where she will join the Rhodes College Class of 2023. It will be a very empty nest but with LOTS of great places to visit!

What is your philosophy about using social networking? If you use social networking, which sites do you prefer, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, or others?
The Delaware courts have not taken the leap into social media, although I think there might be value in it. 

If you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do?
I’d hit the road and go see new places. There is nothing better than a good road trip (boat trip, plane ride, etc.) to wherever.

Anniversaries . . .

COSCA congratulates the following members for achieving anniversaries in office in July through September: Karl Hade of Virginia (14 years); Artie Pepin of New Mexico (13 years); Glenn Grant of New Jersey (11 years); Christine Johnson of Alaska (10 years); Beth McLaughlin of Montana (8 years); Patricia Gabel of Vermont, Pamela Harris of Maryland, and Greg Sattizahn of South Dakota (6 years); Lawrence Marks of New York and Tom Darr of Pennsylvania (4 years); Sara Thomas of Idaho and Sigfrido Steidel-Figueroa of Puerto Rico (3 years); and Amy Quinlan of Delaware, Christopher Ryan of Colorado, Tonnya Kennedy Kohn of South Carolina, Marcia Meis of Illinois, Randy Koschnick of Wisconsin, and Todd Nuccio of Iowa (2 years).
. . . and Birthdays

Eighteen COSCA members celebrate birthdays in July through September. Happy Birthday to Dave Byers of Arizona (July 7); Karl Hade of Virginia (July 8); Dawn Marie Rubio of Washington (July 11); Tonnya Kennedy Kohn of South Carolina (July 20); Amy Quinlan of Delaware (July 25); Deborah Taylor Tate of Tennessee and Cheryl Bailey of the District of Columbia (July 30); Cynthia Clanton of Georgia (August 3); Tom Darr of Pennsylvania (August 12); Mary Noonan of Utah (August 14); David Slayton of Texas (August 16); Todd Nuccio of Iowa (August 23); Marty Sullivan of Arkansas (August 29); Lisa Kiel of Florida (September 2); Stephanie Hess of Ohio (September 5); Nancy Cozine of Oregon (September 13); Randy Helms of Alabama (September 18); and Robin Sweet of Nevada (September 21).