Outline of Bylaws 

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ARTICLE I              Name and Purposes

ARTICLE II            Membership and Voting

    1. Members
    2. Member Designee

ARTICLE III         Meetings of Members

    1. Annual, Midyear and Special Meetings of Members
    2. Notice of Members' Meetings
    3. Quorum and Action by Members

ARTICLE IV          Board of Directors

    1. Leadership
    2. Number of Directors and Terms
    3. Board of Directors Meetings
    4. Vacancies

ARTICLE V           Officers

    1. Officers
    2. President, President-elect and Vice President
    3. Secretary-Treasurer
    4. Vacancies

ARTICLE VI         Committees, Secretariat and Liaisons

    1. Standing Committees
    2. Other Committees
    3. Nominating Committees
    4. Secretariat
    5. Liaisons

ARTICLE VII       Resolutions

    1. Procedure
    2. Purpose

ARTICLE VIII      Amendments

    1. Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
    2. Amendments to the Bylaws
    3. Notice
    4. Action on Proposed Amendments

Download Bylaws as PDF