Article I: Names and Purposes


PURPOSES: The Conference is an independent national leadership organization dedicated to advancing:

  • Public confidence in the courts;
  • Access to justice;
  • The effective, efficient and fair administration of justice;
  • The independence of the courts as a neutral forum for the resolution of disputes; and
  • The judiciary as an equal and accountable branch of government.

To fulfill its purposes the Conference shall:

► Promote:

  • Policies, laws, rules, standards and practices that enhance the fair administration of justice;
  • Research in the field of judicial administration;
  • Cooperation, collaboration and coordination of activities among entities concerned with judicial administration, including national, state and local governmental and private sector organizations; and
  • Innovative leadership and technology practices.

► Support:

  • The Conference of Chief Justices through collaborative efforts to develop, advocate, and implement policies that promote the purposes of both organizations; and
  • The National Center for State Courts as a national resource dedicated to providing leadership and support for the improvement of state courts.

► Develop:

  • The competencies of state administrative office staff through participation in national initiatives, educational activities, and communication and collaboration among staff members of different states in a manner consistent with individual state needs and the Conference’s purposes; and
  • The professionalism of state court administrators through collaboration, education, and information sharing.

► Promulgate policy statements, resolutions, standards, model guidelines, and uniform national statistical reports.